10 reasons I work for myself

Even with all the ups and downs of working for myself, I realize there are definite personality reasons why I must.

Here’s the evidence.

  1. I can’t do just one thing. These past few weeks I decided to blog, become a webwriter, start a new housecleaning routine, enroll my daughter in daycare, and optimize my website.
  2. I don’t get places on time. Imagine how well that works when I have a boss.
  3. I have a toddler. Who knows when I have to get up or when I get to bed.
  4. No boss standing over my shoulder.
  5. I like to work really late at night, or really early in the morning, depending on the day.
  6. Sometimes I like to work at Starbucks. Or the local park.
  7. I have a toddler. Did I mention that already? If she’s sick I’m right here.
  8. I can wear whatever I want.
  9. I can be loud, quiet, messy, neat, or whatever I want!
  10. I think I can do a better job than everyone. So I’m putting my money where my mouth is!

21 Responses to “10 reasons I work for myself”

  1. Very inspirational blog! Thank you for sharing your talent! Hugs!

  2. Excellent post. Really as a home worker, I enjoyed your post and your each and every point is true!

  3. Theres nothing better than working from home, as long as you stay on track and dont get lazy its great

  4. Bryan says:

    Dear Theda K,

    Good for you! I am working my way towards the same path right now.

    The reasons that I am going towards the work at home blogging lifestyle are a little bit different. I know that I can work for other people. I know that sometimes I can be fantastic in a group and that I can help benefit others in what they do. I can be a real team player.

    But will it benefit enough people?

    If I only benefit my co-workers and any customers, will I truly be helping enough people?

    I decided that the answer is no. Thusly, I am going to find a way to help hundreds if not thousands a day, but using my team player attitude on the web.

    Here’s to hoping :).


    Bryan’s last blog post..Jan 18, Creative Writing Tips #1: Substitution

  5. Tracey says:


    I agree, I would rather work for myself than someone else. Currently I do work for someone else, but I find that all my hardwork and talent are wasted on a cold fortune 500 company.

    If I worked for myself, I could make changes and I think I would be more motivated.

    Currently I am building a creative writing website, my goal is to one day have that support me while I pursue my writing career.

    Congrats that you are able to work at home and raise your toddler, that is quite a goal.
    .-= Tracey´s last blog ..An Interview with Janet Evanovich =-.

  6. April says:

    Hey your blog is very interesting.I totally agree with you.My favorites are 8 and 9.You are definitely correct on that.
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  7. What are copywriting classes like? I am thinking about minoring in copywriting at my school (I’m a fiction major) and I’d to know what sort of things are taught, what kinds of homework/practice/exercises there are, etc. Anybody here with experience?

  8. Thanks for such an informative site. I am not a good writer myself so I usually hire a copywriter for any content I need. I read your blog to understand more about copywriting so that I can hire more effectively.
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  9. I absolutely love working for myself for a lot of the same reasons you do. I love the freedom, flexibility to work early or late, and even work at Starbucks if I so choose!

  10. Jutta Malla says:

    Copywriting is I think a skill. Maybe it can be learned but there are really people who are born to be great in this subject, unfortunately, I am not one of those. 🙁
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  11. Creative says:

    Awesome! Although I liked all of your reasons that you gave – for why you work for yourself, I think #10 speaks volumes! Absolutely! Cheers and best of luck to ya! 8)

  12. composter says:

    It is great working for yourself.. as you can decide the timing of work schedule not your boss.

  13. It is great to work for yourself, although as for me one of the biggest downsides is that you are all by yourself. If you have an issue, you don’t have anybody to talk to about it. Also the only good ideas is your own, you don’t see any other people inputs.
    property lawyer´s last blog post ..Hello world!

  14. Tracey says:

    I wish I worked for myself. Maybe some day. Congrats to you and your continued success.

  15. I love this. Sooo true. I also have a toddler and being here is very important, even if I’m working and she’s just playing or watching the video beside me. Both me and my husband are working from home and we’re both loving it. We go to Starbucks in the morning when our daughter is in school and work there for 3 hours. The only difference is I have a boss that I work for although we just communicate online. Nice post!

  16. It is for the exact reasons that you mentioned, I work for myself. It is nice to work when you want to and be able to be on the go if needed and not worry about attire or a boss.

  17. Nick Levitan says:

    I have to admit, you’ve provided some compelling arguments here. If my toddler is sick, i sure as heck am not going to work! But, at the same time, when i do stay at home (for a sick kid or not) i begin to miss what the office was created for in the first place. The creativity that is a byproduct of human interaction. Truth lies in within the collision of two truths. 1 person can never do what a team of people can.

  18. I agree, I would love to work for myself, but I simply don’t have the contacts needed to get jobs in order to be able to guarantee I will have money to pay all my bills on time 🙁

  19. James says:

    You are exactly in the same position like i am. I am also try to start to work at home. good luck.

  20. Mel E says:

    Hi Theda,

    Great list, but my own personal favourite reason to work from home is that I get to commute from my bedroom to my office in a few strides dressed in my pyjama’s!

  21. Tom Crawford says:

    I think it’s a great idea to write out a list like this. It really helps us get clear on the reasons behind being a freelance writer, and why we went down the entrepreneurial route.
    Tom Crawford´s last blog post ..5 Ways Freelance Writers Can Generate Repeat Business

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