Time for daycare

I feel like a hypocrite, but I think I need to enroll my daughter in daycare. It’s getting harder and harder to get any work done while she’s at home. I want to keep her with me, but if I can’t make a living, life will quickly become dismal.

Our first try with daycare was not up to par. They didn’t give the babies soft enough food, my daughter cried for 5 minutes and no one comforted her (I ran in and saved her, though), and they didn’t have an educational focus.

This new daycare was different. They teach numbers, colors, sign language, and focus on motor skills, art, and music too. My smart cookie already knows numbers (up to 20), colors, and lots of signs, but I’m glad she’ll be in an environment where these things are encouraged.

And best of all, she seemed to really like it. I walked out a few times and she was fine.

With my primary caregiver (family) out of commission for awhile, this is a necessary step. Besides not getting any work done, I’m finding myself losing patience. It’s tough being the sole parent. I don’t get any break, unless she goes to sleep. It’s emotionally draining.

Even with daycare, though, I’ll have a much more flexible schedule than I would working for someone else. Now…to figure out how to get to the daycare.

Days like this serve to question my commitment to owning a home business. But we’ll get through it!

3 Responses to “Time for daycare”

  1. Heather Cook says:

    I completely understand your decision. It can be very tough working at home with children underfoot! It’s not as though you’ve shipped her off to boarding school and will only see her on holidays though!

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  3. Just do what YOU need to do. You are a responsible mother, your readers know that much! 🙂