Have child. Will write.

Each day that my daughter grows, I find that it’s easier to get work done while she’s home. Not easy. Easier.

Maybe I’m learning how to work in spurts. Or what tasks keep her occupied and happy for reasonable amounts of time.

It’s funny. Before I had her I swore I wouldn’t let her watch T.V. until she turned 3. Maybe other stay-at-home single moms have figured out how to accomplish this feat. Personally, I find Sesame Street, Teletubbies, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to be educational lifesavers.

We don’t veg out in front of the T.V. all day, but when one of her favorite shows is on I make good use of the time.

This week my goal is to get some more cold-emailing done. I’m learning that when I have business I need to keep advertising. I read that writing a press release is important for a copywriter’s business. That’ll be one more task I complete this week. I’m also considering starting another blog.

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