Websites add a touch of class

Having a website for my copywriting business seems to have added a touch of class. It’s given me just the boost of confidence that I needed to effectively market myself.

I have to thank Peter Bowerman, author of “The Well-Fed Writer” and “Back for Seconds.” I didn’t really dive in head first with his suggestions, but now that I’m finally taking his awesome advice, I’m swimming in the deep end.

Having a website with samples from your portfolio allows prospective clients to instantly see what you can do. There’s no, “Send us some samples,” and all the back and forth correspondence that can entail.

Plus, having a website showcases your ability to, well, write! Prospects get an immediate idea of what you’ll do for them.

I launched my website a few weeks ago, mentioned it in my cold emails earlier this week, and I’ve already increased my clientele by leaps and bounds. It’s truly amazing. Not sure if it’s the website itself, or the confidence it gives me. Positive thinking can net results too.

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