What one thing can I accomplish today?

This is the motto I try to follow for my business. When nothing seems to be going smoothly, I need to focus on keeping things moving.

With my motto in mind, Monday and Tuesday were very productive. I finished a couple of large projects last week, got through a tough weekend, and I’m happy to have started the week so well.

My daughter was at the sitters’ (yes, plural) for good lengths of time. I sent out some cold emails, ran some errands, and researched the meaning of blogs (another topic for another day).

I like cold emails even when I could cold call because I feel like I’m not intruding. And with the Internet becoming more and more important, it just seems natural to connect with people this way. It also lets prospects know that I am web-savvy…another bonus if they choose to use my services.

So things are moving along.

As I get more familiar with blogging, I will begin to make my posts stick to a topic, rather than just chronicle my growing business. If there’s a method you prefer, by all means let me know.

Time to catch up on some sleep before the little one awakens. Tomorrow is going to be Mommy and Daughter time. The zoo or the children’s museum sounds like a plan. I may even limit my computer time to just twice…during nap time and when she goes to sleep for the night (a Herculean effort).

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