Cold Emailing or Cold Calling?

Which is better? Sending cold emails to prospective clients, or calling them on the phone?

I prefer cold calling to ask for the best email address possible, and then warm emailing the contact.

But wait! Cold calls with a not-so-quiet toddler at home?

Here’s my solution:

When my daughter’s sleeping or occupied, or on weekends when I can’t call anyway, I target an industry and use the library database “Reference USA” to get web addresses. Then I look for email addresses on the websites and send them my cold email.

On days when she’s at the babysitters, I make as many cold calls as I can in an allotted amount of time. Then I take care of errands (like grocery shopping, housecleaning, and sleeping!)

Today’s Saturday and I’ve got about two hours before she wakes up. Time to cold email!

5 Responses to “Cold Emailing or Cold Calling?”

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  2. Tracey says:

    I prefer cold emailing. Though I never thought to call it that way. I’ve been doing that to get interviews for my site.
    .-= Tracey´s last blog ..Creative Writing Techniques =-.

  3. I think it depends on the person you’re trying to reach. I think some people who are more tech-savvy tend to respond better to emails because they check them frequently and some old-fashioned people prefer cold calls.

  4. Hi Crayon Writer.

    I would totally agree with you about the way you do things. It is probably best to call firstly and ask for an email address, whilst also mentioning the name of your company and perhaps why you are looking to send an email.

    Then sending the email to warm the prospect up even more and adding value to what you may have already said. At this point the prospect is ready for your warmed up call and the opportunity to sell. By this point, they should know who you are and why you are getting in touch.

    I understand exactly what you are talking about with your child sleeping!

  5. I prefer cold emailing, because I like archiving things. Sometimes some clients prefer cold calling, but I do emailing most of the time.